My aim is to make girls fall in love with themselves again. Changing not just their body, but their lifestyle too.

I wasn’t the healthiest person growing up. From a young age I led a very unhealthy lifestyle. I was drinking alcohol regularly, partying and going out every weekend. It was when I left London at just 17 and moved to Bali that I fell into a whole new way of living. It was a blessing. I was between Bali and Australia for 3 years and every day was a discovery of my passion for healthy living and eating.

I’ve transformed my life, now I want to help you transform yours too.

It was a about a year ago when I got serious about training at the gym. I was a cardio girl, I wanted to be stick thin, I was still obsessed with calories and had never lifted a weight in my life. When I was introduced to weight training, I soon got addicted to the results that came along with my new lifestyle. My body was changing quickly, I felt strong, I felt sexier, and I couldn’t wait to go to the gym every day!

My passion for wellness continued to grow and I had an urge to share my experiences with everyone around me. I wanted to help people just like I helped myself. This led me to enrol in the biggest nutrition school in the world. I studied for a year and I am now qualified as an Integrated Nutritionist and Health Coach.

Are you ready to glow?

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